Gannett prints fake newspapers at Des Moines Register plant

Fake newspapers designed to drive Illinois voters away from Democratic candidates are being printed at the Des Moines Register‘s plant, Gannett staff confirmed to Bleeding Heartland. 
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Müller Martini and Hunkeler join forces for the future

After careful consideration, the owner families have decided to merge the Hunkeler Group with the Müller Martini Group.
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The human-robot illustration dance

Perhaps one of the most controversial side issues related to Artificial Intelligence is how it could replace some of the tasks performed by humans–especially in the field of illustration. » more

INMA to news media leaders: GenAI and business models dominate

Entering 2024, generative AI and business models dominate the collective minds of news media c-suites worldwide – and with good reason. 

Suddenly, Artificial Intelligence is Knocking at Our Doors

Without question, one of the most discussed new elements for content creation in 2023 has been Artificial Intelligence (AI). 
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Talking to experts - David Walmsley: ‘If they don’t pay for your work, it’s because it has no value’

It’s quite difficult to see him working in another business. Northern Irishman David Walmsley, 52, is a well-known and respected journalist on the international circuit. A member of various global organisations, such as the Davos Forum, he has worked in nine outlets in the UK and Canada and has built a great reputation as an investigative journalist. For eight years he has directed the editorial operations of The Globe and Mail, the great Canadian newspaper headquartered in Toronto, with six editions in different time zones. It is printed from Monday to Saturday and can claim to be a sophisticated digital organisation. It has 230 journalists and 350,000 subscribers who are especially interested in the country’s largest offer of economic information. » more

Worldwide Principles for Artificial Intelligence as a Chance

intellectual property, transparency, accountability, quality
and integrity, fairness, safety, design, and sustainable
development, the Global Principles on AI mark an
unprecedented collaboration that safeguards the interests
of content creators, publishers, and consumers alike.
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The success story continues: Quad adds two new manroland Goss LITHOMAN presses to its fleet of machines

More than 100 manroland Goss presses worldwide produce for the printing giant Quad – one of North America‘s largest printing companies and a global marketing experience company that unites all the essential resources required for frictionless, scalable marketing execution. In the last seven years alone, manroland Goss has successfully commissioned eight new presses for Quad. The two newest machines, two LITHOMAN IV presses, are in operation at Quad‘s Hartford, Wisconsin, United States location. The customer and manufacturer are working together to achieve a peak run time of 52,500 rph on the recently installed LITHOMAN IV – a new record speed for manroland Goss commercial web presses.
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