Agfa CTP without Pre-Heating

On Wednesday, September 5, Agfa Graphics invited the international trade press to an event at Axel Springer‘s Druckhaus Spandau (Berlin). It was about new solutions for newspaper CTP.
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S.E.M. and Koenig & Bauer partnering

Germany-based Koenig & Bauer is expanding its product portfolio in response to service business growth and strong customer demand, the company says. 
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Improve storytelling – for a more accurate, well-crafted journalism

The news industry is facing remarkable opportunities and equally remarkable challenges. We have the largest audiences in our history. The ability to tell compelling stories with images, video, data and remarkable graphics is a marvel. Our journalism is more compelling and more in demand than ever. » more

Topics include the engagement of print readers, the sustainability of the printed newspaper and current trends in newsprint

Companies to pool expertise in the field of digital sheet finishing

ABB customers go for system upgrades

Three different ABB customers have recently ordered upgrades to systems essential for their production.
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Talking to experts -Visiolink turns your digital edition into a profitable business

Mr. Jens Funder Berg is CEO in Visiolink » more

Opinion is valued more than fact in this digital era?

Rather than bringing an era of more responsible journalism, the net has led to a more brutal one. 
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Metro US takes flight

The fourth largest daily newspaper in the US pilots its business with Adpoint by Lineup Systems » more
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