NZZ is developing an app that gives readers personalised news without creating a filter bubble

The app uses machine learning to give readers a stream of 25 stories they might be interested in based on their preferences, but ‚always including an element of surprise‘ » more

ABB modular press control retrofit for Wifag press in the Black Forest, Germany

ABB, one of the leading suppliers of automation solutions for the newspaper industry, has announced a further order for its modular retrofit solutions for Wifag presses. » more

Africa’s First Vareo

Formset-ABC Printers in Cape Town (South Africa) is the first graphic arts company in Africa to invest in a Muller Martini Vareo perfect binder, enabling it to enter a new market segment – digital book production. » more

Google ad controversy: what the row is all about

What is programmatic advertising, how does it work and why did big brands appear next to inappropriate material?

This Digital Innovators‘ Summit Eversify shows how to work and chill the multichannel way

Today Eversify confirms its participation in the Digital Innovators‘ Summit 2017, the essential platform for content-driven businesses to share digital insights and innovations. » more

Talking to experts - CCI Europe meets International Media

Talking to Signe Damgaard Jepsen, Communications Manager CCI Europe » more

The New York Times gets tailored

SCHOLARS OF MASS MEDIA long ago established the theory that part of a society’s bond comes from the shared experience of consuming the same news. » more

Metro‘s free circulation overtakes Daily Mail and is within 30,000 of The Sun on weekdays

The title, which is only available in certain areas around the UK during the week, had an average daily circulation of 1,476,115 in February according to ABC. » more
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