The next Apple Watch reportedly won’t need an iPhone for data

The Apple Watch is one slick piece of engineering — but it’s not without its faults. » more

The biggest threat to journalism isn’t Donald Trump –It’s declining revenues

Financial woes pose a far greater threat to the news industry than anything Trump says or does. » more

Gazeta do Povo goes digital only

The largest circulation daily in the Brazilian state of Paraná, Gazeta do Povo has always taken a pioneering role in the adoption of new technology. » more

Bonnier Corp. Redefines Its Multichannel Advertising Sales Capabilities With Lineup Systems

Publishing group to use one system to manage every aspect of advertising sales for 30 magazines

Facebook is working on a type of device so tough to build, even Google gave up on it

Facebook appears to be taking a page out of Google’s playbook for its forthcoming push into consumer hardware. » more

Talking to experts - CCI Europe meets International Media

Talking to Signe Damgaard Jepsen, Communications Manager CCI Europe » more

Facebook is trying to tackle fake news, but what should we do?

Private Eye’s latest cover shows a picture of Donald Trump, hand on bible, at his inauguration with a speech bubble saying: “I swear to tell the post-truth, the alternative truth and nothing like the truth.” » more

Axel Springer increases its earnings forecast following a strong first half-year

EBITDA increases by 16.2 percent / Significant earnings growth in the Classified Ad Models and Paid Models / Revenues grow by 6.9 percent / Digital media grow organically by 10.7 percent / Increased earnings forecast » more
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