First textbook printing plant in Ethiopia with manroland Goss web offset presses

TBO Printing and Publishing S.C (TBO) in Addis Ababa celebrated the successful installation of the two manroland Goss CROMOMAN presses on May 31, 2021.
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New technology for printing jobs from Bremen

The Druckhaus Delmenhorst print house in northern Germany has seen its production capacity more than double in the past year. Among other equipment, a complete precollecting and inserting line from Ferag has been installed. Since December 2020, this has been used for processing the WESER-KURIER, Bremer Nachrichten and Verdener Nachrichten – all daily newspapers published by Bremer Tageszeitungen AG. This came after the publishing house decided to stop in-house production and outsource it elsewhere. 
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The pressure is unbearable’: final days of Hong Kong’s Apple Daily

On Wednesday morning, the Apple Daily reporter Angel Kwan was at a government press conference for the Hong Kong census when her phone started buzzing with notifications. » more

The great unbundling of local news

Local news’ bundling of hard news, soft news, and other information used to be a major selling point, but the audience now believes there are better sources elsewhere for most of it.

“No advertisers, no money, but millions of readers”: Meduza’s Galina Timchenko on the impact of new ‘foreign agent status

y the Russian ministry of justice, together with the news outlet PASMI. The impact was immediate, Galina Timchenko, Meduza’s founder and CEO, said at an online briefing organized
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Talking to experts - Does Corona promote digitization?

Massimo Barsotti, EidosMedia » more

Put readers at the center of everything

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated trends away from advertising and toward reader revenue for news publishers. 
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Virtual ppi Days 2021: high attendance and captivating user stories

ppi Media’s traditional customer conference for managers in the media industry, the ppi Days, was held in a virtual setting this year. Those in attendance were impressed by the extremely exciting and entertaining range of talks.
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