Ad blocking is still a ‘substantial threat to publisher revenue streams’

Ad blocking, which caused mild hysteria in 2016, no longer grabs as many headlines but is still a substantial threat on a publisher’s bottom line, encouraging companies to diversify revenue sources and collaborate across the industry.
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Tetra Pak to offer new levels of customisation and flexibility with digital printing technology

A first for the beverage carton industry, this investment taps the power of digital on-package printing to offer new possibilities for beverage brands 
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Print Business Solutions Ltd announces new appointments to drive global business development for Kwang Myung Ink (KMI)

Following December’s announcement that Print Business Solutions Ltd (PBS) has been appointed by Korean ink maker Kwang Myung Ink (KMI) as its global business development partner, PBS today announces key appointments to help drive the KMI product development and sales strategy. » more

Subscriptions make sense. But how many will consumers pay for?

It’s no secret: In the coming year, readers will run up against more memberships, more pleas for donations, and more paywalls.

With 800,000 members, The Sun’s loyalty program is driving other revenue streams

British tabloid The Sun overhauled its loyalty program 18 months ago
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Talking to experts -Visiolink turns your digital edition into a profitable business

Mr. Jens Funder Berg is CEO in Visiolink » more

True LIES? On second thoughts Artificial intelligence (AI)

I thought online fakes would cause an infopocalypse. 
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Guardian to be first national newspaper with biodegradable wrapping

The change aims to reduce plastic waste, following readers’ feedback
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